Soil Moisture Z100

Soil moisture sensor Z100 responds on every change in the soil. Sensor is very robust and easy to install. It starts giving correct results immediately after installation.  Z100  can be connected to weather station CaipoBase, CaipoRain and wireless sensor node CaipoWave. Sensor is calibrated for mineral soil. Caipos offers calibration for different types of soil on demand. Z100 and wireless sensor node CaipoWave allows cost effective monitoring of soil moisture on very large area for irrigation control

Model Z100
Dimensions  60 x 20 x 30 mm
Measurement Range 0% VWC to saturation
Accuracy 3%VWC
Supply Voltage 3..5V
Supply Current 6mA
Interface Analog
Temperature range +0.5°C to +80°C
Supported by CaipoBaseCaipoRainCaipoWave

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