Leaf Wetness

Caipos Leaf Wentness Sensor

Leaf wetness sensor measures resistance between metal conductors that simulate the leaf surface. Sensor should be placed close to the plants open to impact of the rain and dew. Sensor reports wetness in 20 levels. 0 is completely dry 20 is completely wet.

Advantage of Caipos leaf wetness sensor is that it uses alternate current to prevent damaging of the metal grid and extend the life of the sensor.

Model CaiposLW
Dimensions 60 x 20 x 30 mm
Measurement 0 (dry) to 20 (wet)
 Supply Voltage  2.6 – 10 VDC. Internally AC current is used to avoid wearing of the grid
Supply Current 150 uA
Interface Analog, singe ended.
Temperature range -35°C to +70°C
Supported by CaipoBase, CaipoRain, CaipoWave

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