Greenhouse Monitoring


2-2Monitoring of microclimate in greenhouse allows improving of quality of crops and saving valuable resources. Correct decision can be made on the base of accurate data.
Caipos offers cost effective wireless sensors for fast and easy installation. No extra power or cabling is required.

Up to 16 wireless sensor nodes CaipoWave from multiple greenhouses can be connected to a single
base station. Base station is installed outside and can measure outdoor weather. Data is transferred
to the central web platform every 10 minutes. Warnings are sent to email or SMS in case of critical
Real time data is always available on laptop, smartphone or table

Battery Option 1: 6 V, 4.5 Ah, Valve regulated lead-acid battery
Option 2: 6 V, 12 Valve regulated lead-acid battery
Option 3: 7.2 V, 3 Ah NiHM  battery pack
Solar panel 149 x 199 x 3.2 mm, 1.08 W
Power consumption in sleep mode 50µ
Temperature range -30ºC ÷ +50 ºC
Dimensions of main unit 130x150x120mm
Operation without sun light with communication >1 month
Operation without sun light without communication >3 months
Flash memory 4Mb (up to 2 years of data)
GSM module Telit GL868-Dual or Telit GL865-QUAD
Max. number of directly connected sensors 32
Approximate GSM data transfer volume 1 20 Mb per month with hourly data logging
Interfaces 1 x USB, 2 x RS232, 1 x RS485, 1 x SDI-12, 1 x Rain Gauge, 1 Counter

1 Information is approximate and depends on the number of connected sensors and frequency of communication

 Protection class  IP65
Battery Lithium AA 3.6 V, 2.4 Ah
Battery durability 4 – 5 Years in standard mode
Interfaces 4 x analog, 1 x digital
Max. number of sensors 5
Communication range At least 1km1
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 783/868/915 MHz
Interfaces Weather Station CaipoBase, PC

1Communication range is given for a free line of sight. In case of obstacles, like plants, communication range may be shorter

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