Radar Water Level

Radar sensor is perfect instrument for measuring water level in rivers, reservoirs, lakes. Non-contact principle makes it easy to install, independent on weather conditions and maintenance free. Application of sensors include gauge monitoring, flood and drought warnings, water processing. Caipos provides special web application to adjust parameters of the sensor depending on the installation height, sea level and base water level. Radar water level sensor can be connected to CaipoBase weather station.

Water Level Sensor Type Radar
Dimensions 300 mm x 115 mm
Measurement Range 15m / 35m / 75m
Accuracy ±2 cm
Supply Voltage 9,6 … 36 V DC
Supply Current 4 … 20 mA
Operating Pressure -1 … +2 bar/-100 … +200 kPa
Temperature range -40 … +80 °C

Radar sensor and weather station CaipoBase monitor water level in river.

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