Precipitation gauge


Tipping bucket sensor for precipitation measurement.  The sensing part is absolutely protected from insects, leaves, slush and other objects, that could influence on accuracy and measurement quality. Metal parts of the tipping bucket are made of stainless steel. The weight and shape of the bucket is adjusted so that no one drop of water remains when the bucket is switched. Sensor is factory calibrated. Extra calibration is not required. Standard resolution is 0.5mm. Sensor with resolution 0.2 mm is available on request.
Depending on the environmental conditions, sensor should be cleaned regularly. Clean the funnel first. Then unscrew the nozzle, clean it and and screw again.

Model Rain Gauge
Dimensions 255mm x 205 mm
Resolution 0,5 mm
Accuracy ±1%
Supply Voltage 5V
Supply Current 0
Interface Pulse counter
Temperature range 0°C to +70°C

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