1-1Wireless sensor nodes CaipoWave together with base station CaipoBase make truly wireless, cost effective, easy to use sensor network to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature and other parameters.
Unlike cable based sensors, wireless sensor can be installed, moved or removed any time. Outfall of one sensors does not effect other sensors. It does not hinder agricultural machinery processing.
CaipoWave uses best in class radio module, has excellent communication range and ultra-low power consumption. With single battery set it can run for up to 5 years without maintenance.

Every wireless sensor node has up to 4 sensors. CaipoWave supports four analog and one digital sensor.IMG_3048 CaipoWave does not require any configuration. One click of a button is enough to pair with a base station and start sending data. 16 sensor nodes can be served by one base station.

Wireless sensor nodes send data every hour back to the base station CaipoBase. CaipoBase stores data and forwards it to Capos central web platform. CaipoWave can also work directly with a PC equipped with USB wireless receiver and Windows software.

 Protection class  IP65
Battery Lithium AA 3.6 V, 2.4 Ah
Battery durability 4 – 5 Years in standard mode
Interfaces 4 x analog, 1 x digital
Max. number of sensors 5
Communication range At least 1km1
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 783/868/915 MHz
Interfaces Weather Station CaipoBase, PC

1Communication range is given for a free line of sight. In case of obstacles, like plants, communication range may be shorter

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