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Disease Models

Disease Models

Why to use pest and disease management software

Forecast of insects and plant diseases is very important for saving resources and improve crop quality. Spray only when it is necessary.

Caipos provides models for main pests and diseases. They are calculated on the base of weather data. Different models require different sensors. Please contact our support to get more information. Models calculate risk of diseases and generate alerts if risk is high. Alerts can be sent by email or SMS.

Advantages of Caipos pest and disease models

Main advantage of Caipos pest and disease models compare to similar systems is the possibility of giving feedback from the grower.  Customer can input spray information that contains time of spray, chemicals used and period of time, for which this spray will have effect. The model will automatically adjust itself.

Caipos models are fully adjustable. Every parameter can be changed by customer to meet the requirements of particular climate zone and crop. If you have historical recorded weather data and events of diseases, Caipos engineers can adjust disease models on the base of your data

List of Caipos pest and disease models


For  pome fruits: Apple Scab (Mills), Pear Scab (Mills), Fire blight (Cougarblight), Fire blight  (Maryblyt), Fire blight (BIS95 Apple), Fire blight (BIS95 Pear), Codling Moth


For grapevines: Black rot, Botrytis bunch rot, Grape phomosis cane and leaf spot, Grape powdery mildew, Downy mildew of grape, European grapevine moth

stone fruits

For stone fruits: Peach Twig Borer, Oriental Fruit Moth


For vegetables: Onion botrytis leaf blight (BlightAlert), Onion downy mildew (DownCast deVisser), Carrot alternaria leaf blight (TomCast), Carrot sclerotinia rot, Tomato early blight (TomCast), Potato late blight (Negative Prognosis), Tomato late blight (IPI), Potato late blight (Smith Periods)


For wheat:Fusariosis

 sugar beet
For sugar beet: Cercospora
For rice: Rice blast

Demo Application for Disease Models:

Demo Application

Username: DemoCaipos

Password: agro2015


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