CaipoSDI 6 X Analog to SDI-12 converter

The more sensors can be connected to a single data logger, the more economical and effective is the whole measurement system. Many dataloggers have SDI-12 port that allows connecting up to 62 different SDI-12 sensors. At the same time data loggers have very limited number of  inputs for analog sensors. Still most of sensors on market are not SDI-12 enabled.  There are lot of low cost legacy analog sensors with good precision and very low power consumption.  Caipos solves the problem by introducing CaipoSDI – Analog to SDI-12 converter.


CaipoSDI has 6 analog inputs and SDI-12 interface. Multiple CaipoSDI devices can be chained and connected to the to SDI-12 port of data logger. This allows connecting almost any number of different analog sensors via SDI-12 port.  The only limitations are total power consumption and maximum sensors supported by the data logger. CaipoSDI takes care of powering and measuring the sensors. It has multiple power options and high accuracy 16 bit ADC. Sensors power options include 3.3v, 5V and voltage on SDI-12 power line, whatever it is. Sensors excitation time is also configurable. Power voltage and excitation time can be selected by using extended SDI-12 commands.

CaipoSDI can be supplied with enclosure and cable glands ready to be connected to a datalogger

Caipos base station CaipoBase  uses CaipoSDI as its integral part. CaipoBase  supports up to 5 CaipoSDI devices with 30 analog sensors in total.