C-Kit is mobile soil moisture measurement system. It allows fast and easy measurements at multiple spots of the field.  C-Kit consists of mobile phone software and bluetooth module.

Data can be input manually or read from soil moisture probe using bluetooth module. Data is saved together with geographical coordinates and depth and transferred to the central web platform CaipoWeb.


C-Kit can be used with different soil moisture probes, such as Delta-T SM150 or  ICT MP406.  User can create multiple fields, enter calibration curves, select depth, edit measured data. After uploading data to CaipoWeb it can be presented in colorful contour map. The map shows moisture distribution across the field.


Advantages of  C-Kit

c1- good alternative for fields where in-situ soil moisture sensors cannot be installed

- does not need extra equipment

- immediate measurements at multiple places

- geo-referenced data

- select from predefined calibration equations or input a new calibration equation to match the exact soil type.