Caipos News

Dear  Customers, Dear Partners of Caipos!

Caipos team is happy to announce new features, devices and improvements that have been done since last 6 months.  Thank you for working with us.

CaipoWeb Major Release 03.11

New data navigation

CaipoWebNavigation2New data navigation allows selecting time period and aggregation in different combinations. Time period can be 7 days, month and year. Aggregation can be raw, hourly, daily, monthly. Data records are automatically aligned to the beginning and end of selected time period. This feature makes it very easy to get overview and detailed information quickly. Same data that is shown on chart or table can be exported to Excel in one click. New data coming from station is instantly available for all aggregation types.

User interface clean-up and optimization

We have improved user interface of CaipoWeb to make more clear and convenient. Windows and forms are optimized for devices with small displays. Some elements have been removed to allocate more space for the most important data.

Overall performance improvement

We have done numerous improvements and fixes to increase performance and stability of application.

Roadmap for next release

Next release of CaipoWeb, which is planned for December 2014 will have the following new features

  • Support of MySQL database instead of SQL Server. This will allow very low cost installation of CaipoWeb on customers hardware
  • Completely new charting library. Charting library will be redesigned from scratch to make it faster and with much greater functionality.
  • Speed optimization. Application will become much faster and more responsive.
  • Further improvement of user interface. User interface will be extended and optimized.
  • Full support of tablet devices. Desktop application will be optimized for touch screen tablets.

Support For Watermark Sensors


We have greatly improved support of watermark sensors.

  • Special adapter has been developed to connect 3 watermark sensors to CaipoWave and CaipoBase. Up to 3 sensors can be connected to one wireless node and up to 9 sensors to one base station.
  • Short measurement time prolongs live of sensors
  • Different calibration equations can be selected, like linear, non-linear or simulation of watermark reader from Irrometer. Tell us what equation you need
  • On desktop application, watermark data is displayed in table and chart. Mobile application shows latest data of watermark sensors

Support for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor

CO2CO2 sensors, like most of gas sensors have been in the domain of high-power, high cost devices. Applications of CO2 sensor include

Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring

  • Greenhouses
  • Ventilation management
  • People and animal detection
  • Modified atmosphere
  • Many other

We have implemented support for CO2 sensor from CO2Meter. Sensor is very low power yet very accurate. It can be connected to CaipoBase and CaipoWave

Using wireless node CaipoWave, CO2 sensor can work indoor for 3-5 years with a single set of battery. This makes it perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor applications

Support For Dendrometers


Dendrometers are very accurate devices to measure diameter of plants. They range from few millimeters to meters and allow monitoring growth of plants over the time with high precision.

Caipos supports all models from EComatik. Up to 4 dendrometers can be connected to CaipoWave or CaipoBase.

Leveraging Davis ISS With CaipoMini

CaipoMiniIzmirCaipoMiniCon4Davis ISS is very low cost yet good quality set of sensors from Davis. Sensors include rain gauge, temperature & relative humidity, wind speed & direction, solar radiation and UV index. Davis ISS is normally used with Davis weather station sending data wirelessly to Davis console. Main limitations of the system are not extendable set of sensors, limited wireless capability and no easy way to transfer data to internet.

Caipos has developed seamless interface to connect Davis ISS to Caipos base station CaipoBase. Advantages of this solutions are following

  • Use Davis ISS with any other sensors of Caipos
  • Send data directly to Caipos central web platform without any extra devices
  • Connect wireless sensor nodes to the same station
  • Download data to PC via USB interface

How it works

  • Replace the original PCB of Davis ISS with CaipoMini PCB that fits exactly into Davis ISS enclosure and has connectors for all sensors
  • Connect sensors to CaipoMini PCB
  • Connect Davis ISS to CaipoBase SDI-12 port by cable.
  • Insert SIM card into CaipoBase
  • If necessary, connect any other sensors supported by Caipos, including wireless
  • Start receiving data at Caipos Central Web Platform and/or at your own server with CaipoWeb application