Caipos organizes 1st Digital Agriculture Forum in Beijing


First digital agriculture forum was held in Beijing 1-3 July 2015 by Caipos. We thank all participants for attending the forum and hope to make it annual event.

Specialists from China, Austria, and Russia have given speeches on different topics like IoS in agriculture wireless sensor network, digital plant protection and local agricultural forecast.

Main topics were new wireless sensor network CaipoWave and software for plant protection and irrigation Caipos-Plantmet.


Full-featured Caipos station with different wireless sensors was installed in the yard of exhibition building. Customers could test all functions themselves.


DSC_0343_副本 DSC_0335_副本DSC_0358

Frank Liu (CEO of Caipos China) and Vitaly Ignatovich (CEO of Caipos Austria) present Caipos products and services


Ilya Prokudin (plant patalogist from Caipos Russia) has given training on practical application of Caipos monitoring system for plant protection

DSC_0567 20150703_101049[1] 20150703_090500[1]
Multiple presentations were given by Caipos partners

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Participants visited Beijing demonstration farm, where Caipos base station and wireless nodes are used to monitor soil humidity in green house and climate parameters.