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Caipos stations transfer data directly to the Caipos Web Platform CaipoWeb.  CaipoWeb is a single central point for all  stations. To start using CaipoWeb create an account and add stations to it. There is no limitation on number of stations.

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Instantly view current, past and forecasted data

Caipos provides free web space for all stations. Data of last 5 years is instantly available. Data older than 5 years is archived and available on customer’s request. CaipoWeb accounts are password protected. Data can be shared between users.

Control your stations and customise all parameters

CaipoWeb allows changing almost all settings of the station via web interface. Setup data acquisition interval, data transfer interval, time zone, sensor calibration equations, additional servers and other settings remotely.

Web application is highly customizable. User can change names of station and sensors, configure geographical positions of sensors, select optimized size of data windows.

Interactive visualisation

Caipos presents data of one or multiple stations in different chart and table views. Data from any period of time can be displayed instantly. Data can be grouped by hour, day or month. Charts are dynamic and interactive. They are created directly in internet browser and do not require data transfer from the server. Charts can be zoomed by changing the window size.  Detailed information of any particular data point is shown when mouse is hovered above. Charts can be saved as image file. Any sensor or group of sensors can be switched on or off independently on any chart or table view.

Data of multiple stations can be viewed at the same time. One mouse click is enough to switch between stations.

Soil moisture data is geo-referenced. Have a look at your root zone


Wireless sensor nodes CaipoWeb and web application allow to build interpolated colorful contour map.  The map shows moisture distribution across the field. Simply enter the latitude and longitude of all wireless sensor nodes and have an overview of your root zone. Color is changing from yellow for more dry soil to dark green for wet soil.  Contour map can be zoomed by changing the window size. It can be saved as an image file.

Local weather forecast

Caipos gives possibility to export data to Wunderground, the biggest network of personal weather stations. Wunderground provides weather forecast and analytics services for every personal weather station. Simply create an account at wunderground.com and configure you station to export data. Localised Weather forecast, based on the data of your station and other sources will be available at your Wunderground account.

Export data to other applications

Out of the box, CaipoWeb allows exporting data to MS Excel. Other export format can be provided on customers request.

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